As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.
- Vincent Van Gogh

Do you or a loved one?

  • Have a hard time verbalizing feelings or difficult experiences?

  • Feel stuck, hopeless, stressed, or emotionally drained?

  • Feel flooded or out of control by anxiety, grief, or depression?

  • Have a child or loved one who refuses to talk about their problems?

  • Want to deepen your relationships or life experiences?

  • Want to find an effective way to express yourself creatively.

What to Expect?

    A typical session:

  • Lasts 50 minutes

  • Begins with a brief conversation about what issues/thoughts brought you in.

  • Invites you to engage in counseling or an art making activity especially designed to help you uncover unique solutions to your specific problems.

  • Allows time for verbal discussion of your processing or art experience to increase self understanding.

How Art Therapy can benefit certain groups:

Children & Adolescents

Children and teens often express their feelings through behaviors. They often react to major changes in their lives by becoming angry, withdrawn, or depressed. They may start having trouble at school, or develop problems in relationships. Art Therapy can help children and their families find positive approaches to these problems.


Adults who feel stuck or have difficulty verbalizing feelings around a particular experience are able to gain new insights following a short course of art therapy. It is also very beneficial when used as an adjunct to talk therapy. Their therapists have reported more in-depth work and speedier progress. In groups art therapy aids in communication and can help resolve conflicts within relationships.