You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

Value's Statement

I value the importance of helping my clients improve relationships. I am holistic focused, exploring brain based behavior and focusing on physical, emotional, spiritual wellness.  I gently encourage my clients to look beyond their symptoms and together we develop a clear picture of their goals.

I am a creative counselor, using a combination of traditional talk therapy and art psychotherapy. Focusing on an individual’s strengths and meeting them where they are at while instilling hope and providing a safe place for transformation.

Children process their worlds through play 

When working with children they may come in with little or no words to describe their emotions. Using art and play we start by building a relationship, find ways to express feelings and memories that are hard to capture in words, then we use art or play to create a new story. By writing or painting their new story new coping skills are developed. These skills build off of the child’s strengths, develop confidence, and facilitate a healthy means of communication. 

Kristen's Bio

Kristen received her Master's Degree in Art Therapy from Mount Mary University, Milwaukee in 2007. She is a Licensed and Board Certified Art Psychotherapist. She is also a Licensed Professional Counselor. 

Before relocating to Madison WI, Kristen worked for an Outpatient counseling center in Wausau, WI, called the Center for Human Development. She also worked at a residential wilderness therapy program called New Vision Wilderness. She has counseled many children, teens, and families.  She also led art therapy groups for seniors, and adults, with special needs at a non-profit art center.  Kristen finds that art therapy provides a hands on approach for understanding and working through difficult feelings. She is passionate about helping others find hope and healing.

Kristen also enjoys spending time outdoors skiing, hiking, biking, fishing and more. She loves spending time with her family, making art, exploring new coffee shops, art galleries, and book stores.  She lives with her husband and twin daughters. 


 Kristen's Therapy Style

Kristen is calm and encouraging. She looks for the strengths and gifts in her clients, and meets them where they are at. She feels that her clients are their own best teachers and she guides them to find their voices and learn from the images and stories that they share. She is inspired daily by the courage of her clients to share in their pain, and the hope they gain from re-writing their stories.

When Kristen works with children and adolescents they are drawn to her experience using art and play. She is able to establish relationships quickly, and maintain them by building upon the client's strengths and interests.   She uses sensory based directives and art materials to help them interact with their environment and express themselves. She helps them find ways to express feelings like anger, hurt, fear, distrust, sadness, confusion, and other unmet needs in healthy ways.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please contact Kristen. She looks forward to hearing from you. 

Kristen L. Vesbach