You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.
— Friedrich Nietzsche

My Bio

I have degrees in art therapy and professional counseling from Mount Mary University.
Before relocating to Madison, WI to open my practice, I  worked in outpatient counseling centers, and a residential wilderness therapy program.
In my free time I value exploring and being active in nature. You can find me walking my dog, hanging with my family, reading, writing, or creating art. 

 My Therapy Style

I look for the strengths and gifts in my clients, and meet them where they are at.  I feel that my clients are their own best teachers and I guide them to find their voices and learn from the images and stories that they share. I am inspired daily by the courage it take to share in ones pain, and the hope one gains from re-writing their story.

When I work with children and adolescents relationships are built through art and play. I use sensory based directives and art materials to help them interact with their environment and express themselves. Expressive activities help them express feelings like anger, hurt, fear, distrust, sadness, confusion, and other unmet needs in healthy ways.

I look forward to hearing from You!

Kristen L. Vesbach